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Relapy is a tech platform that connects individuals to Experts who provide them with direct, solutions-oriented advice regarding romantic relationships.
Your Expert is available to correspond with you Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Experts are expected to answer one question per client per day (Monday through Friday). Please be mindful that experts have other clients and that your response most likely will not be in real time. Experts make a strong effort to answer clients quickly but your patience is expected as well. The experts with whom you work can be messaged via the Zoom platform that you use to conduct your video sessions by adding them as a contact.
Broadly speaking, Relapy focuses on three areas of relationship. The first area is for individuals currently seeking a romantic relationship. The second area is for individuals currently in an existing relationship. The third area is for individuals currently exiting a relationship.

Within these areas, we focus on multiple issues included but not limited to, setting up an online dating profile, determining how to select the right partner, advice about whether and how to communicate with an ex, learning how to read cues on a date, deciding whether to take a relationship to the next level, and communicating your needs with a romantic partner.
Experts who work with clients have completed advanced graduate work in and studied romantic partnerships. Our Experts have been trained to provide advice through their clinical and empirical graduate work. The experts we work with are PhDs., LCSW’s, LMFT’s, or LPC’s. All of the experts specialize and have conducted extensive work in the area of relationships.
The number of sessions you want to have in a given month is completely at your discretion and anticipated needs. Individuals who feel as though they desire and require more input from their Expert through a video chat rather than a text message exchange may opt for a package with more video sessions.

1:1 Sessions

Dating and relationships are dynamic. Many events may transpire between your sessions that you may want to explore with or want guidance about from your Expert. The types of issues and questions you explore during video sessions may be very similar but may be slightly different due to the different mediums of communication. For example, the type of medium of a video session allows for a more expansive examination about what is going on in your current situation that text does not allow for necessarily. To ensure that you have the best experience possible, we suggest the question that you raise in the texts with your Expert should be more discrete, such as what do you think of this profile picture or do you think I should send this text message to my husband?
Traditionally, therapy is a process in which individuals establish a long-term relationship with a clinician where they explore multiple aspects of the individual’s past, present, and future. During this process, individuals may receive clinical diagnoses (i.e. anxiety, depression, etc.) that guide the client’s understanding of their behavior and their subsequent treatment. Moreover, the relationship between the therapist and client involves the therapist guiding their client to establish their own conclusions and determinations regarding specific issues rather than providing direct opinions or judgments as to how they should proceed or behave in a given scenario.

Relapy is not therapy. Relapy is not diagnostic in nature and is oriented towards individuals establishing a relationship with an Expert where they explore their current situation and focus on how they should proceed moving forward. While obviously past issues and relationships may be discussed in the course of the sessions, the point of Relapy is to understand the current situation and to develop a plan of actionable steps to address current and future behavior. Experts are also empowered to and will give clients direct opinions regarding their current situation and tell them explicitly how they believe they should approach a given situation or advise a client as to what they believe is potentially an issue or area they need to directly address.
Our Experts have been trained to help you find and select the best romantic partner for you. We will guide you through the process of meeting people both online and offline. Whether it’s tailoring your online dating profile or discussing viable options for offline places to find a romantic partner, we will help you be successful. Romantic partner selection is more than just getting a match or getting someone’s number and subsequently going on a date. We will help you evaluate whether you are selecting the appropriate partner who shares your goals, interests, and values. Our Experts are particularly helpful in guiding clients about determining when and how to take the next step.
Relationships are incredibly complex. Our Experts have been trained to identify the issues you are most struggling with and the provide you with guidance to address those issues directly. Our Experts specialize in a variety of issues, including but not limited to, conflict, communication styles, relationship performance styles, infidelity, sex, and financial strain, Our experts will work closely with you to build intimacy, improve your relationship, and achieve your personal/relationship goals.
Breakups are very painful. In fact, some times the pain associated with a breakup can be felt physically. Our Experts will work on you to cope with the breakup and deal with the issues surrounding the breakup, including but not limited to communication with an ex, rebuilding your identity as a separate individual, and helping to determine if or whether you would want to rekindle a connection with an ex.